Doctor Stitches

The typical route to become a Medical Doctor in the United States is 4 years of “Pre-Med” in your undergraduate degree, 4 years of medical school, and a range of 1-5 years of residency depending on your specialty… that’s potentially 13 years of studying before opening up your first medical practice!

Changing Times

Due to the rigorous journey of becoming a medical doctor, many patients feel intimidated by the “medical world”.  For that reason, they will wait until their doctors’ appointments to get the total scoop on their medical condition.  That seems completely logical, but with the advent of the Internet and the birth of the Information Age.. patients are increasingly become more informed on the medical decisions they make.  While a patient should always receive consultation from their doctor before making any kind of decision as it relates to their health, they should also do their own homework in order to have the most productive conversation possible with their doctor.  To achieve this, it’s paramount to understand the preparation, process, and recovery of any medical condition you are undergoing.

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Our Role

This is where we want to help you.  Both my father and brother have gone through those long years in medical school and residency.  We now want to take the plethora of jargon and inside information that is out there in the medical world, and synthesize it all in a way that makes sense to you!

Our Background

We are a father-son team that is simply passionate about medicine.  To give a little background on us.  I am Collin White, CEO & Cofounder of Stitches MedicalStitches Medical makes functional clothing for people with medical conditions.  The clothing has a “designer’s taste”, so that patients don’t have that “feeling of being a patient” and can still live with dignity and confidence (like how they would normally feel).  The typical hospital gowns that you are given should be a thing of the past!

The other Co-founder is Dr. Robert White who has been a surgeon for over 35 years and has performed over 15,000 surgeries.  He is also the CEO of California Trauma and Acute Care, Inc.  We have collaborated together to provide the best information for anyone to truly understand the nuances of the medical world.  

Stitches Medical Clothing Store

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