5 Misconceptions Of Adaptive Clothing

“Adaptive Clothing”, over the years, has been used in a very loose manner.  Questions and preconceived notions are made on adaptive clothing, so it’s time to set the record straight on what adaptive clothing is not.
5 misconceptions adaptive
Misconception #1 — it’s only for the elderly
There are many “adaptive clothing” brands that are marketing their products catered towards “seniors” and those that live in senior living facilities.  While many people who live at senior living facilities tend to need adaptive clothing more often because they need help with dressing, but there are a wide range of situations throughout life where someone may need an adaptive garment that can make it easier to get dressed.
Misconception #2 — it’s only for people with disabilities
Misconception #3 — caretaker’s are the only one’s requesting it
Misconception #4 — it’s just a little different than regular clothing
Misconception #5 — all adaptive clothing is outdated
Now that you understand the misconception, it’s time to understand the 10 Benefits Of Adaptive Clothing.

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