Our Story

Hello!  I am Collin White, the CEO & Co-founder of Stitches Medical.  My business background has been in numerous industries, particularly in technology and commercial real estate, but the medical world had been calling me back.  I grew up in a medical family.  My father is a surgeon of over 35 years, my brother is also a surgeon, and my sister is an equine veterinarian.

The Start of the Doctor Stitches Blog

Since I can remember, medical conversations have always been at the forefront of dinner table conversations.  We would discuss ethics, new treatments, and other cutting edge technologies in the medical world.  These kinds of conversations gave me the framework to understand health-related topics at a very high level.  Every person on this planet knows someone that has been affected by some kind of health issue, which is why medical education is so important!  

The goal of this blog is to bring the quality of conversations that we had at our family dinner table to you!  Imagine sitting down at dinner with three doctors, and listening to them talk in depth about the latest medical trends.  It would be easy to get lost in all the jargon, but that’s where I come in from an outside perspective.  I grew up interpreting these conversations, and putting it all in a way that was very understandable just for my own brain!  Now I’m collaborating with my father to curate the most relevant medical content, and disseminating the information in terms that anyone can understand!

The Start of Stitches Medical (Clothing Brand)

It all started when my dad had a minimally invasive surgery on his chest in August 2015.  As a surgeon for over 35 years (having performed over 15,000 surgeries), he was not used to being the patient.  The reversal of roles opened his eyes to some critical issues in the medical world.

When he returned home from the hospital, he had 2 Jackson-Pratt Drains taped to his upper abdomen.   JP drains are commonly used after surgery to drain post operative fluids.  It was a struggle to keep the drains intact while he slept, as he had multiple accidents and leaks in the bed.  To no avail, he searched for a clothing product that would help stabilize the drains so that he could sleep comfortably at night.  After a few days, he felt well enough to go out in public; however, he felt very self conscious since the only option was to safety pin the dangling drains to his undershirt.  He searched in the brick and mortar medical supply stores, searched on Amazon, and scoured Google, but didn’t find any well-designed clothing to conceal and control of JP Drains.

He called his son (ME!) with the business opportunity of his lifetime.  We are now working as a father-son team designing clothing for people with a variety of medical conditions.  There is a HUGE need for quality clothing that assists people with drains, tubes, pumps and catheters.

If you are interested in purchasing a clothing option for a medical condition you are dealing with, or if it’s for someone you know, please visit our website: Stitches Medical Online Store